Why sustainability is important to us


Since our establishment, we have been committed to sustainable development. It’s part of our business philosophy – to offer our customers the best combination of fashion, quality, price and sustainability – and we believe sustainable fashion shouldn’t be limited to just a few.

We have made great progress, but there is still much work to be done. Across the industry, we need to reduce our climate impact, increase our social impact and build a better fashion system. We firmly believe that fashion should not be a luxury, but a right that everyone can enjoy. We strive to provide stylish, high-quality, affordable and sustainable products to meet our customers’ needs.



Reduce climate impact

We recognize the threat climate change poses to our future, so we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and other environmental impacts and adopting sustainable production and operations. We have the ability to envision a better future and the desire to accelerate its realization. We recognize the role Trenboutique can play in supporting the communities we cover and our shared environment, so we’re working hard to drive continued progress and transparency on our sustainability and social commitments.



Fair empowerment

We understand the impact the fashion industry has on society, so we work hard to improve transparency and ethics in our supply chains to ensure our products are not only fashionable, but also socially responsible. We recognize that our employees, suppliers and customers are all critical to our success. Therefore, we are committed to providing them with equal opportunities and treatment, creating an inclusive and respectful work environment and shopping experience. With this in mind, we aspire to be:

  • The preferred brand for customers’ self-expression
  • A top employer for global talent
  • The preferred brand partner for creative talent collaborations
  • Preferred supplier and responsible purchasing partner



Innovation reduces waste

We continually seek innovative ways to reduce waste and enable a circular future. We adopt an on-demand production model, minimize excess inventory and waste, and strive to establish a comprehensive circular textile supply chain to contribute to environmental protection. our target is:

  • Involve most Trenboutique customers in recurring events
  • Become a global leader in saving unsaleable materials from waste
  • Establishing a fully circular textile supply chain


We firmly believe that by unswervingly practicing the principles of sustainable development, we can not only provide better products and services to our customers, but also create a better future for society and the environment.