Conical Fabric Lampshade Home Living Room Bedroom Bedside Modern Decorative

Conical Fabric Lampshade Home Living Room Bedroom Bedside Modern Decorative



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Product Description

Artistic design: Knurled metal base fabric lampshades usually have an artistic feel. Through the exquisite knurling design, the lampshades present unique patterns and decorative effects, adding to the beauty of interior decoration.

Metal base cloth material: The lampshade is made of metal base cloth. This design can create a unique light and shadow effect when light passes through, and metal base cloth usually has high durability and stability.

Light scattering: The metal base cloth lampshade can give a soft and warm effect when the light passes through, avoid dazzling direct light, and create a warm atmosphere indoors.

Lamp Holder Design: Floor lamp bases may be of different designs to ensure overall stability and aesthetics, while also being able to coordinate with the knurled metal base fabric lampshade.

Adjustable Features: Some knurled metal-based floor lamps may have adjustable lamp heads or arms, allowing the user to adjust the direction and angle of the light as desired.

Light Type: This type of floor lamp may be suitable for different types of light bulbs, such as incandescent, LED, etc., offering different brightness and color temperature options.

Easy to clean: Metal-based fabric lampshades are generally relatively easy to clean, using a soft cloth or brush to remove dust and stains.

Color: ‎‎‎BZ(S-016)

Detailed specifications:

Design Style:Minimalist
Application: Living Room
Light Source: Incandescent Bulbs
Control Mode:Switch Control
Material: Steel &Marble&Fabric Lampshade