Bedside Dimmable Reading Night Light Alabaster Cobble Base Opal Glass Table Lamp

Bedside Dimmable Reading Night Light Alabaster Cobble Base Opal Glass Table Lamp


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Product Description

Modern style design: The table lamp adopts modern style design, with a simple and fashionable appearance, integrating into modern home decoration to enhance the overall space beauty.

Dimmable function: Equipped with a dimmable function, users can adjust the brightness of the light as needed to create different atmospheres and light effects.

Brass finish: Brass finish provides a metallic feel, adding to the nobility of the product, while being anti-corrosion and durable.

Fruit melon-shaped design: The lampshade may be designed in the shape of a fruit melon, which is unique and interesting and gives the lamp a lively decorative quality.

Glass ball lampshade: The lampshade uses milky white glass balls to provide soft and even light, avoid glare, and create a comfortable lighting environment for the space.

Living room, bedside and bedroom table lamp: Designed to be suitable for different scenes such as living room, bedside and bedroom, providing local soft lighting.

Touch switch: It may adopt a touch switch design, and users can operate it by lightly touching the switch to improve the convenience of use.

Multi-color temperature selection: Some products may support multi-color temperature adjustment, and users can choose warm and cold tones according to different needs.

Stable base: The desk lamp base is designed to be stable, ensuring that the lamp is placed safely and stably on the desktop.

Power saving and energy saving: Using LED light source, it has the characteristics of low energy consumption and long life, which is in line with the concept of green energy saving.

Decorative design: It is not only a lighting tool, but also pays attention to the appearance decoration, becoming an eye-catching point indoors.

Moderate size: The design is moderate in size, not taking up too much space, but conspicuous enough to add decorative elements to the space.

Product Dimension:W22.5*18*H65cm

Detailed specifications:

Design Style:Modern
Shade material:Metal
Shade Shape:Round
Light Source:Incandescent Bulbs
Lamp Body Material:Steel&Glass&Marble
Control Mode:Switch Control