Nordic Simple Bedroom Lighting Warm Light Wall Lamps Modern Led Home

Nordic Simple Bedroom Lighting Warm Light Wall Lamps Modern Led Home


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Product Description

Nordic minimalist design: The overall design of the lamp is in line with the Nordic minimalist style, which may use simple lines, geometric shapes and fresh colors to reflect a refreshing and natural design concept.

LED lighting: Using LED as the light source has the advantages of low energy consumption, long life and low heat generation, and is in line with the modern trend of energy conservation and environmental protection.

Warm light effect: It has a warm light effect, creating a warm and comfortable lighting atmosphere, suitable for bedrooms and other occasions that require soft light.

Wall lamp design: Designed as a wall lamp, it can be hung on the wall, saving space and providing local lighting. It is suitable for bedside in the bedroom or other walls that require lighting.

Touch or remote control dimming: Supports touch or remote control dimming design, allowing users to adjust the brightness and color temperature of the lamp to meet different lighting needs.

Adjustable lamp head: The lamp head may have an adjustable design, allowing users to adjust the direction and angle of the light as needed to provide more flexible lighting.

Suitable for bedrooms: Designed for bedrooms, providing soft lighting to the bedroom and creating a warm atmosphere for resting and reading.

Material selection: Wood, metal, or other Nordic-style materials may be used to coordinate with the bedroom’s décor.

Simple installation: Provides a simple installation method for users to install on the wall by themselves, without the need for complicated electrical engineering.

Comply with energy efficiency standards: Designed with energy conservation goals in mind, it complies with energy efficiency standards and helps reduce energy consumption.

Product Dimension:50*8.5/70*8.5/98.5*8.5

Detailed specifications:

Design Style: Modern
Application: Living Room, Bedroom, Home Office,  Apartment, Hotel
Lamp Body Material: Aluminum Alloy
Light Source: LED
Control Mode: Switch Control
Shade material: Others