Magnetic Track Rail light COB Linear Ceiling Led Track Light 7W 15W Magnetic Track Light

Magnetic Track Rail light COB Linear Ceiling Led Track Light 7W 15W Magnetic Track Light


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Product Description

DC48V low-voltage design: The DC48V low-voltage design improves safety and reduces the potential risk of voltage to the human body. It is suitable for lighting systems that require low voltage.

Magnetic track design: The equipment adopts magnetic track design, which can flexibly move and replace lamps, making it convenient for users to adjust the position of the light source according to actual needs, and easy installation and maintenance.

COB LED light source: LED light source equipped with COB (Chip-on-Board) technology, providing bright and uniform lighting effects with high light efficiency and color reproduction.

Linear ceiling design: The linear ceiling design can illuminate the entire space more evenly, while providing soft light and increasing comfort.

7W and 15W power selection: Users can choose lamps with different powers according to their needs to meet the lighting needs of different scenes and achieve personalized lighting layout.

Dimmable function: Some models may support dimmable function, and users can adjust the brightness of the light as needed to meet the needs of different environments.

Safe and reliable: It adopts low-voltage design to reduce the risk of electric shock, and has passed strict safety certification to ensure the safety and reliability of the product.

Unique ceiling design: Ceiling installation simplifies the installation process, is suitable for various ceiling structures, and improves installation flexibility.

Suitable for a variety of scenarios: Suitable for commercial spaces, offices, exhibition halls, restaurants, etc., providing personalized lighting solutions for different spaces.

Environmental protection and energy saving: Using LED light source, no mercury, no radiation, in line with the concept of green lighting, and also has the characteristics of low energy consumption and long life.

Color :White Silver Black
Color Temperature(CCT):2700k-6000k

Detailed specifications:

Design Style:Modern
Application:Home Office
Lamp Body Material:Aluminum Alloy
Installation:Surface Suspension Recessed
LED Light Source:COB
Material:Aluminum Housing
Light Source:LED