Exterior Garden Lamp LED IP54 Waterproof Up And Down Modern Outdoor Wall Light

Exterior Garden Lamp LED IP54 Waterproof Up And Down Modern Outdoor Wall Light


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Product Description


Waterproof level: The IP54 level design ensures that the lamp can maintain stable operation under severe weather conditions, such as rain, moisture, etc.

Wall-mounted design: The lamp adopts a wall-mounted design, which is convenient for installation on outdoor walls, providing lighting and decoration for courtyards or outdoor spaces.

LED light source: Using LED as the lighting source has the characteristics of high energy consumption, long life, and low heat generation, providing bright and energy-saving lighting effects.

Courtyard lighting: Suitable for outdoor places such as courtyards and gardens, providing sufficient lighting to enhance safety and aesthetics at night.

Weather-resistant materials: The use of weather-resistant materials can resist wind and rain erosion in the outdoor environment and ensure long-term stable operation of the lamps.

Simple appearance: The design style may be simple and modern, adapting to the decorative needs of different outdoor environments.

Directional adjustment: Some designs may allow the direction adjustment of the lamp head or lamp body to meet different lighting angle needs.

Easy installation: Provides a user-friendly installation method that can be completed by the user.

Auto-sensing: Some products may be equipped with an auto-sensing function that automatically turns on or off by sensing light or motion to improve energy efficiency.

Environmental protection and energy saving: The use of energy-saving light sources such as LED is in line with the concept of green environmental protection and reduces energy consumption.

Long life: The LED light source has a long life, reducing the frequency of bulb replacement and reducing maintenance costs.

Adaptable temperature range: It has a certain adaptable temperature range to ensure normal operation under different climate conditions.


Product Dimension:280x90x90mm
Color:Sandy White, Sandy Black, Sandy Black+Gold
Color Temperature(CCT):3000K

Detailed specifications:

Design Style:European Modern
Power Supply: Electric
Usage: Garden
Base Material: Aluminum
Diffuser: Polycarbonate
Light Source:LED
IP Rating:IP54