LED Outdoor Garden Porch Waterproof Wall Lamp Up And Down Courtyard

LED Outdoor Garden Porch Waterproof Wall Lamp Up And Down Courtyard


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Product Description


LED light source: Equipped with high-performance LED light source, providing bright and uniform lighting with low energy consumption and long service life, providing reliable lighting for outdoor areas.

Waterproof design: It has waterproof performance and can adapt to various harsh weather conditions, such as rain, moisture, etc., ensuring stable operation in humid environments and ensuring the reliability of the equipment.

Upper and lower light sources: The uniquely designed upper and lower lighting structure allows the lamp to emit light upward and downward at the same time, creating a charming light and shadow effect and providing all-round lighting for areas such as courtyards and stairs.

Garden entrance hall design: The exterior design takes into account the decoration needs of gardens, entrance halls and other scenes. The shape is exquisite, meets the decoration requirements of the outdoor environment, and enhances the overall beauty of the space.

Durable material: Made of high-quality weather-resistant materials, it has anti-oxidation and corrosion-resistant properties, ensuring that it can be used in outdoor environments for a long time without being damaged.

Easy to install: The design is simple and comes with detailed installation instructions for users to install by themselves. It has a standard installation interface and is suitable for a variety of installation scenarios.

Environmental protection and energy saving: LED light source has low energy consumption, does not contain harmful substances such as mercury, and complies with environmental protection and energy saving lighting standards.

Multifunctional application: Suitable for lighting in outdoor areas such as gardens, entrances, courtyards, stairs, etc., providing safe and comfortable light for these spaces.


Product Dimension:110mm
Color Temperature(CCT):2700/3000/4000/6500K

Detailed specifications:

Design Style:Industrial
Power Supply:Electric
Item Type:Wall Lamps
Control Mode:Switch Control
Light Source:LED