Outdoor garden wall lamp e27 5w 10w 20 led led boundary solar wall light sensor wall clock 12v outdoor gas light with panel

Outdoor garden wall lamp e27 5w 10w 20 led led boundary solar wall light sensor wall clock 12v outdoor gas light with panel


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Product Description

LED lighting technology: Equipped with an E27-seat high-efficiency LED light source, with a choice of 5W, 10W or 20W power, providing uniform and bright lighting effects.

Solar power supply: Equipped with solar panels, making full use of solar energy resources, no external power supply is required, achieving environmentally friendly and energy-saving outdoor lighting.

Sensor technology: With intelligent sensor function, it can automatically adjust the brightness according to light changes or human activities, improve energy efficiency and save energy.

Wall Clock Design: The device has the function of a wall clock, which not only provides lighting but also adds practicality and becomes a decoration for outdoor spaces.

12V power supply: The equipment uses 12V DC power supply, which is safer, suitable for outdoor lighting, and reduces power loss.

Border lighting: It has a border lighting effect, making the outline of the wall clearer and enhancing the overall aesthetics of the space.

Outdoor gas lamp design: The lamp design is inspired by gas lamps and has a classic appearance style, adding a retro atmosphere to the outdoor space.

Panel Design: The unit features a panel that enhances the fixture’s durability and weather resistance while emitting soft light.

Easy to install: The design is simple and comes with detailed installation instructions for users to install by themselves. Suitable for various outdoor places.

Environmental protection and energy saving: It is powered by solar energy and does not require external power supply. It conforms to the environmental protection concept of green lighting and has the characteristics of low carbon and low energy consumption.

Color:Bronze Black

Color Temperature(CCT):3500K (Warm White)

Detailed specifications:

Design Style:Classic European Outdoor Luminaires
Power Supply:AC
Diffuser:Tempered Glass
Base Material:Aluminum
Light Source:E27
Material:Aluminum+Tempered Glass