European Retro Outdoor Waterproof Glass Wall Lamp For Exterior House Porch

European Retro Outdoor Waterproof Glass Wall Lamp For Exterior House Porch


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Product Description


European retro design: The overall design of the lamp conforms to the European retro style, and may incorporate classic patterns, carvings or lines to present a classic and elegant appearance.

Waterproof design: It has a good waterproof design and can withstand rain and moisture in the outdoor environment, ensuring the stable operation of the lamp for a long time.

Glass shade design: The lamp shade adopts a glass shade, which transmits light to form a soft lighting effect, while adding decoration and creating an elegant light and shadow effect.

Applicable to multiple scenes: Applicable to multiple outdoor scenes, including exterior walls, courtyards, porches, entrances, garages, gardens, balconies, aisles, etc., to provide lighting needs in different areas.

Wall-mounted design: Designed to be wall-mounted, it can be easily installed on the wall to provide local lighting and decorative functions.

Suitable for gardens and patios: Specifically designed for gardens and patios to provide security and beauty to outdoor spaces at night.

Retro appearance: With a retro appearance, it is both a lighting tool and a decoration for outdoor spaces, adding a sense of history and cultural atmosphere to the venue.

Strong durability: Choose materials with strong weather resistance, such as metal or aluminum alloy, to ensure that the lamps can be used stably for a long time in outdoor environments.

Soft lighting effect: The glass cover can produce a soft lighting effect, creating a warm and comfortable environment for the outdoors.

Easy installation: The installation process is relatively simple and provides a user-friendly installation method that can be completed by the user.

Energy saving and environmental protection: Using energy-saving light sources such as LED, it conforms to modern environmental protection concepts.


Product Dimension:D25*H40CM

Detailed specifications:

Design Style:EUROPEAN
Lamp Body Material:Iron
Light Source:LED
Control Mode:Switch Control
Shade material:Glass