Retro Outdoor Wall Light Exterior Wall Lantern Waterproof sconce

Retro Outdoor Wall Light Exterior Wall Lantern Waterproof sconce


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Product Description


Retro design: The overall design conforms to the retro style, and may incorporate ancient patterns, carvings or classic lines to present a retro artistic atmosphere.

Outdoor waterproof: It has a waterproof design and can withstand rain and moisture in the outdoor environment, ensuring the stable operation of the lamp for a long time.

Material selection: Choose materials with strong weather resistance, such as aluminum alloy, copper, etc., which can withstand outdoor wind and rain and prevent rust and corrosion.

Wall-mounted design: Designed to be wall-mounted, it can be installed on an exterior wall or porch to provide local lighting and decorative features.

Soft lighting: Provides soft lighting effects that can illuminate the surrounding environment without dazzling the eyes, creating a comfortable outdoor atmosphere.

Translucent material: The lampshade may be made of translucent material, such as glass, to make the light more even and warm.

Suitable for Porches: Designed specifically for porches, it can be used as decorative lighting at the entrance to enhance the overall appearance.

Durability: It has strong durability and can withstand the test of different seasons and climate conditions.

Comply with safety standards: The design complies with the safety standards of outdoor lighting and adopts safety features such as fire protection and explosion-proof.

Easy to install: The installation process is relatively simple, providing a user-friendly installation method and reducing the difficulty of installation.

Energy saving and environmental protection: Using energy-saving light sources such as LED, it conforms to modern environmental protection concepts.

Color Temperature(CCT):3000-6000K

Detailed specifications:

Application: Outdoor Wall Yard Garden Street
Power Supply: AC
Material: Aluminum+Glass
Light Source: LED