Indoor Living Room Bedroom Decorative Handmade Coloured Glaze Green Glass Modern Table Lamp

Indoor Living Room Bedroom Decorative Handmade Coloured Glaze Green Glass Modern Table Lamp


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Product Description

Handmade glaze design: The lamps adopt handmade glaze technology. The unique handcrafting makes each lamp a unique work of art.

Green glass lamp body: The lamp body is made of green glass, which presents a warm and soft lighting effect under light.

Modern design style: The design incorporates modern elements, with simple lines and stylish appearance, adapting to modern home decoration styles.

Living room and bedroom lamps: Designed for indoor environments such as living rooms and bedrooms, providing warm lighting for different areas.

Colored glazed glass effect: The handmade glazed glass process gives the lamp body unique color levels and textures, adding to the decorative effect.

Soft lighting: The characteristics of glass material make the light softer, creating a pleasant lighting atmosphere and avoiding dazzling glare.

LED light source: Equipped with LED light source, it has the advantages of high energy efficiency, long life, and rich colors, providing users with a high-quality lighting experience.

Metal bracket: The lamp body bracket may be made of metal to ensure the stability and durability of the desk lamp.

Touch dimming: Some products may support touch dimming function, and users can adjust the brightness of the light by touching the lamp body.

Unique decoration: The unique hand-made glaze and green glass effect make the table lamp not only have lighting function, but also have artistic decoration.

Easy installation: Designed with user convenience in mind, it is simple and easy to install.

Multi-purpose design: Suitable for many occasions, not only as a lighting tool, but also as an interior decoration.

Product Dimension:W35*H80cm

Detailed specifications:

Design Style:Modern
Shade material:Fabic
Shade Shape:Round
Light Source:Incandescent Bulbs
Power Source:Electric
Application:Living Room
Lamp Body Material:Glass
Control Mode:Switch Control