Flexible Architectural 3 Circuit DALI Dimmable Ceiling Surface/ Recessed/ Pendant

Flexible Architectural 3 Circuit DALI Dimmable Ceiling Surface/ Recessed/ Pendant


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Product Description

LED track lighting system: The integrated LED track lighting system can achieve precise positioning and flexible adjustment of the light source, suitable for different lighting needs.

Flexible architectural design: The product design takes into account the flexibility of the building and can be installed in different forms according to the building structure and needs, such as surface mounting, embedded installation and chandelier installation.

3-circuit design: Using 3-circuit design, it supports independent control of multiple groups of lights. It can realize partition control of lights through different circuit combinations and provide more scene modes.

DALI dimmable system: Integrated DALI dimmable system, users can precisely control the lights through the digital address system to achieve flexible dimming effects and adapt to different environments and scenes.

Versatility: Suitable for various indoor lighting needs, including ceiling lighting, wall lighting, local lighting, etc., providing a variety of lighting layouts and lighting effects.

Various installation methods of surface/embedded/chandelier: users can choose surface installation to make the appearance of the lamp more concise; embedded installation to integrate into the ceiling and overall beauty; chandelier installation to provide a hanging lighting effect.

Efficient LED light source: Equipped with an efficient LED light source, it provides bright and uniform lighting effects, with the advantages of energy saving and long life.

Suitable for business and home: It is suitable for both commercial places, such as offices and shopping malls, and home environments, such as living rooms and bedrooms, providing a unique lighting experience.

Modern design aesthetics: The design focuses on modernity, the lamps are simple and elegant in shape, and incorporate various architectural styles to enhance the overall aesthetics of the space.

Intelligent control: Some models may support intelligent control, and users can remotely control it through smart devices or APPs to achieve a smarter lighting experience.

Color Temperature(CCT):2700K-6000K

Detailed specifications:

Design Style:Modern
Installation:Surface Suspension Recessed
Lamp Body Material:Aluminum Alloy
LED Light Source:COB
Material:Aluminum Housing
Light Source:LED
Base Type:Other