Lamp With Silver Shade Adjustable Arched Fishing Lamp For Hotel Lobby Villa Living Room

Lamp With Silver Shade Adjustable Arched Fishing Lamp For Hotel Lobby Villa Living Room


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Product Description


Luxurious design: The overall design of the lamp focuses on luxury, and may incorporate high-end materials such as metal, crystal, and glass to create a luxurious appearance.

Floor lamp design: As a floor lamp, it is designed to stand vertically on the ground and is suitable for use in multiple scenes such as living rooms and bedrooms. It can not only provide overall lighting but also have decorative effects.

Adjustable arch design: The lamp head or arm has an adjustable arch design. Users can adjust the angle and direction of the light as needed to meet different lighting needs.

Fishing lampshade: The lampshade adopts a unique fishing shape design, which not only increases the decorativeness of the lamp, but also provides soft and concentrated light to the lighting area.

Light source selection: Lamps may use a variety of light sources, such as LED, halogen lamps, etc., to provide different brightness and color temperature options to meet personalized lighting needs.

Remote control or touch dimming: Supports remote control or touch dimming design, users can easily adjust the brightness and color temperature of the lamp to create a comfortable lighting atmosphere.

Material selection: Lamps may be made of noble materials such as metal, stainless steel, and glass to add a sense of nobility and luxury to the overall design.

Suitable for luxury spaces: The design is suitable for luxurious indoor spaces, such as halls, banquet halls, etc., becoming a unique decoration of the space.

Stable base design: Designed with a stable base to ensure it remains stable during use and prevents tilting or shaking.

Strong decorative effect: Not only provides lighting function, but also has strong decorative effect and can become the focus of the room.


Product Dimension: D180*H180CM

Detailed specifications:

Design Style:Modern
Application:Living Room,Home
Lamp Body Material:Iron
Light Source:LED
Control Mode:Switch Control
Shade material:Metal