Vanity Lights for Bathroom LED Surface Mounted Wall Lamps Interior Anti-fog

Vanity Lights for Bathroom LED Surface Mounted Wall Lamps Interior Anti-fog


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Product Description

LED light source: Using LED as the light source provides bright and energy-saving lighting effects with long life.

Surface mounting design: Using surface mounting design, the installation process is relatively simple and convenient for users to install by themselves.

Indoor anti-fog: The anti-fog function is designed to avoid fog from affecting the lighting effect during the dressing process, ensuring that the mirror is clearly visible.

Rotatable design: The light fixture may have a rotatable head or arm, allowing the user to adjust the angle and direction of the light as desired.

Multi-head design: Lamps may be designed into a multi-head structure to provide wider lighting coverage and meet lighting needs from multiple angles.

Touch switch or dimming feature: Some designs may be equipped with touch switches or dimming features that allow the user to adjust the brightness of the light as desired.

Modern look: The exterior design may be simple and modern, matching different styles of bathroom décor.

Moisture-resistant design: Because it is used in bathrooms, the lamps may have good moisture-proof and moisture-proof designs to ensure normal use in humid environments.

Environmental protection and energy saving: Using LED light source, it conforms to the modern green environmental protection concept and reduces energy consumption.

Durability: Waterproof and moisture-proof materials are selected to ensure stable operation in common usage environments.

Adjustable brightness: Lamps may have an adjustable brightness function to meet lighting needs at different times


Product Dimension:32/48/60cm*6.5cm
Color temperature:WW(3000K)NW(4000K)CW(6000K)

Detailed specifications:

Design Style:Modern
Lamp Body Material:Iron
Light Source:LED
Control Mode:Switch Control
Shade material:Plastic