Wall Mounted Lighting Bathroom Luxury Picture Lamp Mirror Vanity

Wall Mounted Lighting Bathroom Luxury Picture Lamp Mirror Vanity


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Product Description


LUXURY GOLDEN DESIGN: The design features gold to add a luxurious feel and create a high-end vibe to your bathroom or vanity.

Wall-mounted design: The lamp adopts wall-mounted design and is installed on the wall to provide local lighting and decorative functions.

Picture lamp design: The lamp may be integrated into the design of the picture lamp and become a work of art, which not only provides lighting but also plays a decorative role.

Suitable for bathrooms: It has a waterproof design and is suitable for bathroom environments to ensure normal use in humid environments.

Dressing Table Application: Designed to fit on dressing tables, providing ample and soft lighting for makeup and grooming.

Multifunctional application: Suitable for bathrooms, dressing tables and other occasions, providing unique decoration and lighting effects for the space.

Dimming function: The lamp may support a dimming function, allowing users to adjust the brightness of the light as needed to create different lighting atmospheres.

Convenient installation: Provides a user-friendly installation method that can be completed by the user.

Durable material: Use strong and durable materials to ensure stable operation in daily use.

Environmental protection and energy saving: Using energy-saving light sources such as LED, it conforms to the modern green environmental protection concept and reduces energy consumption.

Artistic design: The design of the picture lamp may incorporate artistic elements, giving it a unique artistic effect when the light is turned on and off.

Lamp Size (mm):420*100*205mm/575*100*205mm

Detailed specifications:

Design Style:Modern
Application:Living Room
Lamp Body Material:Aluminum + Metal
Control Mode:Other
Light Source:LED
Item Type:Wall Lamps
Material:Aluminum + Metal + Optical Acrylic